Meet Emily

Welcome! I'm Emily

I didn’t always speak from my goddess. In fact, I didn’t always know I had her inside of me.

I grew up in a religious home, and faith was served like butter at every meal. I learned the rules and conformed to the expectations without hesitation. Until the cracks began to show (like they always do), and I began to awaken to the trauma and the disconnection.

I was taught:
* “be seen and not heard.”
* “good girls do as they’re told.”
* “God wants you to (fill in the blank).”

Until one day, fighting so hard to hold it all together for everyone (good Christian, wife, mother, daughter, employee) yet feeling completely disconnected from everyone and everything… I realized that something had to change.

I. Had. To. Change.

My life had become an effigy to the Word but had no true meaning. I was not acknowledged within my own existence. My pain was bypassed, pushed down, prayed away and hidden in closets.

And I couldn’t take it anymore.

I became a seeker of truth… my truth. Unlearning and re-nurturing the parts of me that needed healing and support. Reclaiming my sovereignty and sacred sexuality in the process.

Unlocking the goddess inside of me begging to be fully seen, heard and felt.

Finally, understanding that my trauma could be transmuted, my pleasure could be allowed (even celebrated) and that my life could be so much more than I had ever imagined.

This is my work. This is our work. Reclaiming our birthright of sacred sexuality & sovereignty. Breaking generational trauma for families and communities.

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