Full Moon in Virgo

What to Expect from the Full Moon in Virgo & Sun in Pisces

The night sky’s full moon in Virgo and sun in Pisces is an astrological event that only happens once a year. This rare alignment of the stars has some powerful influences on us, so it’s important to understand what you can expect during this time. Whether you’re a professional astrologer or just curious about the cosmos, here’s what to know about this celestial alignment!

A full moon occurs when the sun and moon are opposite one another, with the earth in between them. When the full moon is in Virgo, it symbolizes health, healing, and organization. This is a great time for taking care of yourself and getting organized so that you can make progress on your goals. 

I found myself spending the weekend in a very moon in Leo (Saturday) & Virgo (Sunday) way – taking ACTION (Leo moon, fire energy) on getting ORGANIZED (virgo moon, earth energy).  And by the way these organizing bins from The Home Edit were flying off the shelves at Walmart, I can say with certainty that I wasn’t the only one feeling this energy last weekend! 

Along with riding the wave of action and organization, the Virgo full moon is also a good time for self-reflection and contemplation.  This full moon brings clarity and focus which is perfect for making decisions or taking action on projects that have been lingering.

Meanwhile, when the sun is in Pisces it represents beauty and creativity. This alignment encourages exploration of your inner world – think meditation, daydreaming, or exploring your emotions through writing or art.  So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by life events – as my family and I are – now is the perfect time (and it might feel more NECESSARY than perfect, if we’re honest) to get into the feels of the watery Pisces energy. Can you go for a swim?  Find a trail along a river?  Take a bath?  If nothing less, drink a big glass of water.  🙂 

Slow down and reflect on how far you’ve come since last year’s full moon in Virgo/sun in Pisces alignment – what goals have you achieved? What challenges have arisen? What opportunities did you seize upon? Now is an excellent opportunity to pause and be grateful for where you are right now while also setting intentions moving forward into the next season.

Be mindful of energy levels during this period too – schedule times of rest if needed as these periods can be emotionally intense – both physically and mentally draining. To help balance out all of these energies, find ways to connect with nature such as taking walks outside (weather permitting) or tending to houseplants inside your home!  Lastly, don’t forget to nurture your relationships by spending quality time with family and friends who will support your growth during this transition period!

The full moon in Virgo & sun in Pisces offers us an incredible opportunity for self-care, reflection, creativity exploration, and relationship building . Take advantage of this special alignment so that you can set strong intentions before heading into the next season — whatever those may be! And don’t forget – when it comes to rest versus productivity – make sure that both are given their due attention so that your emotional wellbeing stays balanced throughout! 

Enjoy every moment of this special event!

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