Review & Release

If ever there was a time to shed what no longer serves you –

it is now.


We are beginning the month of August, 2023 with four planets retrograde, and by the beginning of September, three more planets will join them.  IT IS RETROGRADE SEASON ’23!  The effects of the planets and their movement in the sky have traditionally been linked to slowing down… Examining emotions, feelings, and behavior… all of this seems like it comes more naturally during these times, offering us a chance to understand our inner selves better.

This month, with all the retrogrades, an opportunity is being presented to you – on a silver platter – to reassess where you are, and deconstruct what no longer serves you so that you can create something truer, more authentic, and much more satisfying (even if it feels so scary – ok, terrifying! – at first. 

Let me be extremely clear: YOU ARE SUPPORTED! The winds of change are. at. your. back.  And I am standing by to offer you additional support in clearing out what feels stuck so that you can bring forth what is ready to emerge. 

Planetary retrogrades – when planets appear to be transiting the sky in reverse – especially, have a profound impact on our personal growth, as they bring an opportunity to revisit, review and release limiting beliefs and patterns.

Read on for more specifics about each planet’s retrograde and how long it will last.

When Saturn is retrograde (June 17 – Nov. 4), we are invited to reassess our foundations, redefine our boundaries, and refocus on our goals. Embrace this celestial phenomenon as a golden opportunity for reflection and growth, rather than something to worry about. It is a gentle reminder to reaffirm our commitments, understand the importance of discipline, and appreciate the value of patience. Lean in! Here is your chance to strengthen your spirit and develop a resilience that can weather any storm. As you traverse this road, remember that the universe does not throw you anything you cannot handle. So stand tall, look inward, and trust in your capacity to evolve and flourish.

When Venus is retrograde (July 22 – Sept. 3), it’s the universe’s way of urging us to pause and reevaluate our personal values and relationships. It’s an opportunity to stop, reflect and look deeply within ourselves, exploring our desires and what truly makes us happy. But remember, this journey is not about external validation or societal norms; it’s about your inner truth. It’s a call for authenticity and self-love. During this phase, you might face challenges, but they are the universe’s way of showing you what isn’t serving you anymore. It’s a chance to release old patterns and to grow. Remember, we are all works-in-progress, and each retrograde is a stepping stone on our path to personal growth. Embrace these moments, learn from them, and most importantly, use them to become the best version of yourself. Pro tip: Venus retrograde is NOT the time to try out a wild new hairstyle or take a new lover. Proceed with caution on those fronts.

When Neptune is retrograde (June 30 – Dec. 6), it’s a time of introspection, reflection, and deep spiritual growth. It’s the universe’s way of nudging you to dive deep into your inner self, to embrace the murky waters of your subconscious, and to let the currents guide you towards uncharted territories of your soul. This planetary backspin is not one you should fear but look at it as an opportunity with immense potential; a time to break free from the illusions that have confined your spirit and step into your authentic self. Remember, every wave that crashes against the shore is a chance to cleanse old patterns and emerge anew. Orient yourself in this time with an open heart and a fearless mind, for it is in these moments of introspection that you truly discover who you are.

When Pluto is retrograde (May 1 – Oct. 10), the most distant and profound of all planets, presents us with a valuable opening to delve deep into our subconscious, excavating hidden patterns and behaviors. It’s a time for introspection, for looking within and embracing our shadow selves. Pluto transits can feel merciless. Yet, the truth is that Pluto invites you on an empowering journey, a transformative process that allows you to let go of outdated patterns and welcome the dawn of new beginnings. It’s a spiritual call to rise above your fears, to step into your power, and to manifest your highest potential. Remember, we are not victims of our fate but masters of it, and Pluto calls upon you to remember your power. With each retrograde, we are given a chance to evolve and grow, shaping our destiny in alignment with our highest selves.

When Mercury is in retrograde (Aug. 23 – Sept. 15) this period of time is often associated with communication mishaps, technology glitches, and general misunderstandings, and travel snafus. While Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, double check your day-to-day routines, get a 2nd opinion on a health thing-y, protect your data, and don’t cut corners! Retrogrades aren’t here to wreak havoc on our lives, but rather to provide important opportunities for us to pause, reflect, and reassess where we’re heading. Remember, every moment, including a planetary retrograde, is a step towards becoming who we truly are. 

When Uranus is retrograde (Aug. 28 – Jan. 27, 2024), it’s a powerful time for personal growth and self-discovery. It’s a period where you’re encouraged to delve deep into your psyche, identifying and releasing patterns that no longer serve your higher purpose. This heavenly entity symbolizes innovation, individuality, and change, and when it goes retrograde, it prompts us to question norms and to redefine our personal boundaries. Try to keep an open mind. Embrace change, challenge the status quo, and most importantly, be authentically you. This can be a liberating, enlivening period of your life if you welcome it with open arms. Remember, your unique essence is your strength — celebrate it, honor it, live it.

When Jupiter is retrograde (Sep 4 – Dec 30), it’s a time of significant expansion and growth, but with a twist. Instead of seeking growth externally as Big Daddy Jupiter is known for, you’re encouraged to look within. It’s a time when the universe is inviting you to explore your inner wisdom, your personal truths, and your spiritual growth. Jupiter retrograde urges you to pause, breathe, and reassess your life’s path. Are you living in alignment with your highest truth? Are there aspects of your life that need to be reevaluated or adjusted? During this time you will be drawn to slow down, reflect, and reassess. Use this period to deepen your understanding of yourself and your place in the world. Remember, growth isn’t always about pushing forward; sometimes, it’s about taking a step back to gain perspective. Jupiter retrograde is a season of significant insight and personal growth. Embrace it. Let it guide you towards the path of self-discovery and enlightenment.

If you are ready for support you in your quest to shed limiting beliefs and old behavioral patterns that no longer serve you, email me to get the conversation started. In as little as three hours, you could experience a massive shift!


Anthony T.
Anthony T.
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Emily is one of the most caring, compassionate and qualified professionals I have worked with. Her intuition and experiences qualify her to lead each session with integrity as she pulled out deeper limiting beliefs I held about myself and uncovered the actual problem I was facing, unconsciously. I was feeling very unsure of a new career switch I had made and wondered if I was on the right path. Emily indeed uncovered for me the pieces that were holding me back, that I was not consciously aware of. Along with her powerful coaching modalities, Emily was full of incredible stories, metaphors and assigned me tasks that supported my goals in caring ways. She has a listening ear like no other. If you have made the decision that you are ready to make a transformation in your life, Emily should be the one to help guide you along. She will help you realize you have all the resources within you to get there. Emily is on-time, professional, caring, easy to communicate with with and deeply connected to her purpose in this coaching work. Thank you, Emily, for the incredible transformation that I have witnessed from working with you.
Megan H.
Megan H.
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After only one session with Emily, I was recommending her to my friends. If you are thinking of having a life coach to help you navigate life, Emily is the one. (I am also seeing a skilled psychotherapist and Emily brought so much affirming wisdom and guided me through impactful coaching exercises which I hadn’t experienced with the PhD!) Emily is a trained master coach. She is gifted with discernment and truth, speaks power and compassion, and does amazing emotional detox work to help reframe past memories and connect with your higher, wiser self whom I believe God intends for you to be. Emily is a great listener, and she is also understanding and you can relate to her because she has her own life experience journey of self-awareness, growth, and self love. She is down-to-earth, yet you’d call her an angel because she she is spiritually intelligent. 😉 I felt comfortable enough with her energy and presence to be in my vulnerability, which is very important. I can’t recommend her enough.
Shelly P.
Shelly P.
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Working with Emily has been one of the best gifts I've ever given to myself! She's so well educated and adaptable to whatever the situation or area of life/work that needs a deeper dive. I highly recommend taking your life to the next level with Emily Jameson Coaching!

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